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Sweet November Tristesse

Actually there is nothing sweet about this November, for several reasons:
1. I had to swallow Evendia will not come along to our very special trip to London to see "New Moon" together on the big screen. I will miss her very much and hope we will finally meet next summer for "Eclipse"
2. Then my family, myself included, got ourselves a really nasty cold. We almost thought it was that infamous swine flu everybody became so hysterical about lately.
3. My friend Tarma was the next who had to cancel her trip to London, because she became ill. Poor thing.

Today the first silver line on the horizon. I am almost fully recovered thanks to an antibiotic I have taken since yesterday and my doc specificially gave me a "Go" for my trip! The kids are better as well and the hubby confirms he can deal with everything that will come up while I am away. It wasn't the swine flu or the ordinary flu for that matter. Tomorrow I am gonna pack my trolley and Thursday morning will find me landing at Heathrow.
Yeaah! After all those years I will set my big old feet on british soil. I am all giddy!


Summer at home not anywhere abroad which I would prefer, but what the hey I'm good and so is my family.
Still looking forward do the up coming events. There will be a medevial market on sunday which I will attend and write an article about. In September the phantastic library in Wetzlar offers a symposion about women as authors or motive from romanticism to romantic fantasy. Yes Stephenie Meyer Twilight-Series included!

vacation at home

What can I say...easter holidays and like many other families here in Germany we "prefer" to stay at home.
Yet the weather is wonderful to say he least...after a long and unusually cold winter three weeks ago spring almos exploded in all shades of bright green, yellow, pink violet and trees blossomin all at once. Never seen a cherry tree do that next to an apple tree. It looks like a picture by Carl Larsson!


I simply lack the time to be be more avtive online,
yet I enjoy reading all that stuff about vampires here...love those.


I've just seen the 13th episode of Moonlight.Gosh it was phaaaantastic.
It had everything: humor, romance, tempo, fangs, drama and good pictures.
The only weakness was the pale story about that politician, but what the hey.
These things happen and there isn't  just more to it than that.

The re-turning was amazing, very good job there by everybody involved.
Probably the highlight of this ep.
Liked the fighting scene with Josef, wanna see more of that.
Was at the brink of tears several times.
Guys, you got a good thing going there! Keep doing it, beware of the enthusiasm of the Europeans.
We into  stuff like that...mystery, romance, vampires...

Just arrived

This is'nt quite new to me, but my first entry here. So Hello!



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